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Why did my baby die and when should we try for another baby?

Q: I am 31 years old and my wife is 28 years old. I got married last year and this month my wife delivered a baby born dead. The doctors say that there was a blood clot, which is the reason for the death of the baby. My wife had a bit high blood pressure on the same day 160/90 just before the delivery. What was the possible reason for the death of the baby and when should we start our normal sexual life? When should we try for a pregnancy?

A:1. It is difficult to tell you the possible cause of death. Obviously, there was fetal anoxia. I presume what the doctors meant was that there was antepartum haemorrhage (bleeding before delivery of baby), and this was probably due to premature separation of placenta. Your obstetrician is the best person to answer this question. I would be doing injustice to try and state possible reasons, neither is it correct to do so, without actually knowing details of the sequence of events. 2. We do not advise sexual intercourse till at least 6 weeks after delivery. This interval may be prolonged depending upon the examination findings at 6 weeks (postpartum check up). One should also keep in mind the mental state of your wife, as the loss is hardest on the mother. 3. You should avoid a pregnancy for at least 6 months. Also, make sure her blood pressure is normal in the interval (non-pregnant) period, and ensure all the possible tests have been done to ascertain cause of the baby's death.


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