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Why did I faint?

Q: I am a 48 years old male. Around 2 weeks back, I was having lunch at a friend’s place and I suddenly fell down flat on my face and fainted. My friends lifted me and gave me coke and I was fine then. I went to a hospital next day and went for brain ECG, CT scan and some other tests. The reports have come out normal. However, I still feel dizzy, giddy and some times lose balance. What should I do now?

A:If you are still having symptoms then it needs investigating further. It is reassuring that your tests thus far have been normal though. Since dizziness can fall under several specialities (e.g. Neurology, ENT, Cardiology), your first port of call might best be a general medical doctor. They should take a thorough account of your symptoms, perform a complete examination, and review all of your investigations thus far. This will put them in a good position to either make a diagnosis. If coke revived you, it might be something like low sugar. It is important to find a good doctor who is going to take the time to go over everything properly.


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