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Why are we not able to have a child till now?

Q: I am 28 years old and my wife is 20 years old. We got married two years ago but are unable to have a child till now. Her periods are irregular and she has gained weight too. She tested positive for pregnancy after taking fertile tabs as the ultra sound scan reveals immature follicles in her ovaries. Then she got a miscarriage within two months and was treated accordingly. Since the abortion had taken place a year ago she was again given fertility tabs but she is unable to conceive whereas her ovaries have shown a large size follicle. My semen analysis shows 70% active, 65 million per ml count. What should we do?

A:She can have blood levels of hormones, FSH, LH and prolactin done to see if ovaries are functioning normally, a serum TSH for the thyroid gland. The fertile can be given in higher doses for another 3-6 months, with natural conception or a method called IUI or intrauterine semen instillation. If all is normal and still no conception, then tube scan be tested. Do follow regularly with the infertility specialist.


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