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Why are there nodules in my penis?

Q: I am 20 years old weighing 60 kg. Last week I consulted a surgeon with the complaint of a bend in the penis during erection. During erection my penis forms an arc and the concavity faces downwards. The doctor palpated and found a hard nodule measuring 0.3 x 0.3cm over the dorsal part at the junction of the glans and the root. What are the treatments available to correct this?

A:The plaques in penis causing bend during erection are usually due to Peyronie's Disease, a disease with an unknown background. The disease is usually self-limiting and progresses for couple of months before stabilising. General measures like vitamin E and steroid injections are tried during the acute phase. Once the acute phase is over, the decision to correct the bend surgically is dependent on whether there is pain during erection, or whether the bend is severe enough to preclude intercourse. Non-painful bends allowing penetration are to be left alone.


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