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Why are my child's lymph glands enlarged?

Q: My daughter who is 4 years old used to suffer from frequent dry cough and fever and has lymph nodes on both sides of her neck. When we press, we can feel it. The doctor has diagnosed it as gland tuberculosis. Now after taking medicines for seven months, she is still suffering from the same symptoms. The doctor has done a biopsy operation on her neck and now he is saying that there is nothing and you need not worry. But my daughter is having the same node and suffering frequent fever. Now what kind of further treatment should we go in for? Can you advise us any check up in India or Bangkok.

A:Your child appears to have enlarged lymph glands in the neck. They are, most likely, reactive in nature. Reactive to repeated throat infections in children. It is unlikely that they are tubercular in nature as those would increase in size. I do not think you should worry about them as most children have such nodes in the neck. With active infection, they increase in size, and when the infection subsides, the nodes become smaller; but never completely disappear. One should feel concerned if the nodes continue to increase in size or new nodes begin to appear.


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