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Why am I suffering from pulsating sensation in my ear?

Q: I am a 28 years old male suffering from pulsating air waves with sound in my both ears for the last two weeks. I surfed the Internet and came to know that I am suffering from tinnitus. I also had the same problem earlier whenever exposed to cold air during the winters. I am using OTEK AC ear drops. To add, I live in a very cold place. Please suggest me measures to improve my condition.

A:You have said that you have some pulsating sensation of air waves in your ear; following a cold episode. The causes for this condition are many. First of all, we have to concentrate on defining your complaints. When we start in that direction, with each step of clarification of your complaint, the list will get reduced. From that stage, we can proceed purposefully. This merits a personal consultation. I advise you to request an urgent appointment from your doctor. If you explain your current difficulty, he would certainly oblige and see you right away.

For your information, I will tell you a few conditions, which produce perceived noise in the ears(s). Cold episodes frequently produce blocking of the ears and cause abnormal fluid wave like noises. Such noises occur during the swallowing act. They promptly disappear when the ‘cold’ gets better. Wax in the ears is another common cause. Occasionally infections of the ear produce discharge in the ear, ear block and noises. A block due to cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels in and around the ears also can produce such sounds. There are some sinister causes also. Kindly see a doctor personally. It may be a simple cause or one that requires investigations.


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