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Why am I not conceiving?

Q: I am a 27 years old woman, married for the last three years. For the first two years of our married life, my husband used condom as a precautionary measure. It has been a year now that we are trying for a baby and my husband has stopped using a condom. Some six months back, we consulted a gynaecologist and she asked me to undergo a number of tests including tests for ovary, urine, sugar etc. and all reports came out normal. I am taking Clomiphene every month, 5 days before my due date for periods. I am also getting Cap Naturogen inserted from 18 day of my cycle till I get my periods and taking Tab Duphaston twice a day. I take iron supplements as well. Why am I not conceiving? Will I ever be able to conceive?

A:Before taking Clomiphene, you need to make sure the tubes are open by a test called hysterosalpingography (HSG) to look at the tubes or a laparoscopy to see other structures as well as have the tubes checked out. Depending on the cause, the treatment has to be given. Infertility can result from many different causes like infections, uterine, ovarian, tubal, cervical or peritoneal defects in the lady. Most of these are treatable by simple measures. In cases of severely blocked tubes, endometriosis, or egg formation problems that do not respond to simple drug treatment, test tube baby is also available as a last resort.


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