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Why am I not able to adjust my lenses?

Q: I am a 25 years old female with the eye power of 1.5 for the right eye and 0.75 for the left eye. When I wear lenses, my vision gets blurred and I have to blink 2-3 times to get a clear vision. This irritates me and I also get headache after adjusting the lenses. At times, I am unable to adjust the lenses and have to wear glasses. Why is this happening and how should I treat this?

A:You may be suffering from shortage of tears (dry eyes) and depending on the type of lenses you are wearing, the surface dries up quickly specially when you are concentrating on books, TV or computers. This dryness is worse if you are taking hormones such as contraceptive pills. Ask your contact lens supplier to prescribe suitable artificial tear drops after which you should not get this problem. However, you may have to keep using this drop for relief of this problem.


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