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Why am I having heavy periods after delivery?

Q: I have always had heavy periods. I am hypothyroid, but ever since my delivery (normal), my periods have become too heavy, such that, I have to stay at home for 3 days. I experience gushing of blood while getting up in the morning and while coughing. I took ayurvedic treatment but there is little effect. The doctor took some scans, which were normal except for a bulky uterus, which the doctor said was normal and endometrium stimulation secretary phase just before the periods and endometrium seen as a thin white line just after the periods. The doctor said that the problem is clearing but there's no major change. As a result, I become depressed before and during my periods. What is the root cause of this problem? Is this due to some hormonal imbalance or because of being overweight? Can I ever become a normal person?

A:Sometimes the first few periods after a delivery can be heavy. However, as you are on Eltroxin, I suggest you get your TSH tested and make sure the dosage of Eltroxin is correct. If that is OK, then you can take some antiprostaglandin agents like Mefanemic acid 500mg 8 hourly during the heavy menses days. Also, you must get your complete blood counts and peripheral blood smear done. I suggest you take iron and folic acid tablets for at least 3 months- dosage depending upon the haemoglobin level. I assure you will feel pretty normal after this. Also, looking after a newborn is tiring and taxing - and if you do not have good family support that can lead on to depression as well.


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