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Why am I getting UTIs so frequently?

Q: I am 25 years old female. Ever since I got married, I have been getting frequent urinary tract infections. Can the two things be related?

A:Symptomatic urinary tract infection is very common in recently married females. You are not an exception. This phenomenon is also called honeymoon pyelitis. To my understanding it does not require treatment as much it requires a thorough understanding of the process behind it. You should know that female urethra is very short in length and has a very weak sphincter control as compared to males. Another fact is that the vagina is the place where the bacteria colonise, stay and multiply all the times. During intercourse these bacteria gain access to the bladder and flourish to produce recurrent urinary tract infections and or symptoms. Knowing these facts should not make you scared of sexual intercourse otherwise it would lead to other more serious social and psychological problems. However, you should be better prepared to deal with the situation. The following precautions will take care of your problem to a great extent.

  1. Focus on vaginal hygiene and keep vagina clean all the time. Particularly so, after every act of voiding urine. Rinse it with a flexible shower (do not use any soap or detergent).
  2. Immediately after every intercourse again shower the vagina.
  3. Do not overstretch the bladder by holding urine for a long time. Overstretched bladder is more prone to permit bacterial growth.
  4. Drink sufficient fluids so that you make as much as 2 litres of urine/24hrs .
  5. Take one tablet of Septran 800 mg orally, preferably before every act of intercourse or even immediately after the intercourse would be fine.
  6. Take extra precautions of keeping vagina clean during menstrual periods. Avoid using tampons during periods.


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