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Why am I getting the urge to urinate again and again?

Q: I am a 29 years old female. I have been married for about 6 months now. I am not able to hold the urge to relieve myself. Even after passing urine, I get the urge to go again. But if I relieve its hardly 5-6 drops. Please help.

A:You seem to have a urinary tract infection. It is not uncommon to have urinary tract infections soon after marriage, commonly called as honeymoon cystitis. This results from sexual activities. Common preventive steps are 1. Drink extra fluids at time of such activity, 2. Pass urine immediately after intercourse. It flushes the system and washes the urethra which contains the bacteria as a result of the physical contact. If these measures do not help, you may take a prophylactic antibiotic at such precipitating event. You must see a urologist for proper advice.


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