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Why am I getting pain in my left breast and losing interest in sex?

Q: I have pain in my left breast, I consulted the doctor and she examined physically and prescribed vitamin E for 20 days. Is it necessary to take any further tests immediately or to wait to complete the course? I am nearing 36 years and losing interest in intercourse. Is it due to any hormonal imbalance? My husband takes care but what are the remedial steps to enjoy sex as before and enjoy myself also. I have a 10 years old child.

A:Breast pain is relatively common at your age. It is due to hormonal changes. What kind of contraception are you using? Vitamin E about 400 units a day is helpful. Avoiding caffeine also helps. You can try some over the counter pain medicines for the pain. The pain will eventually go away. About the lack of sexual desire, that also is hormonally mediated. Unfortunately, no good remedies are available at this time. Testosterone at very low dose has been helpful in some studies, but it does cause one to develop secondary male characters (facial hair, voice change, acne etc).


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