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Why am I getting headache on wearing spectacles?

Q: I am a 30 years old female. I had myopia of -6 and -8 around 8 years back. Now, after reaching 30 years of age, it seems that my eyes have again begun to lose vision. My eyes have developed -0.5 power again. On wearing spectacles for this power, I get a severe headache in back of my head (in alignment to ears). Why is it so? I used to wear spectacles earlier, but never experienced such a thing. Should I opt for Lasik or contact lenses? Is there any surety that this problem will not occur on wearing contact lenses?

A:Lasik does not guarantee that the refractive error will not change for life. It only removes the refractive error present on day of surgery. Use glasses as contact lenses are difficult to fit after Lasik; the headache may not be related to the refractive error.


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