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Why am I feeling weak and lethargic?

Q: I am a 60 years old male. From the past 20 years, I am suffering from high blood pressure. All along this time, I have been taking Atenolol - 50 mg, on a daily basis. I also have Diabetes for over 10 years. For this, I was advised to take Glynase tablets, twice a day. About 2 years ago, my doctor prescribed Cardace H 5mg, once in the morning; Glynase XL 5mg 1 Tablet (in the morning and evening, before food); Rosicon 2mg Tablet 1 before lunch; Atenolol-50 in the evening and Ecosprin 75mg (1 Tablet), before sleep. I walk for 3 kilometres daily and eat moderately. I don't smoke or consume alcohol. After the new prescription, my fasting blood sugar, which used to be around 125 to 130 mg% came down to 90 to 100 mg%. But I don't feel energetic. There is a lack of enthusiasm in general. So, I can't make full use of my faculties. Given the background, I wish to know how can I get more energetic. At times, I also feel pain in the chest muscles. Sleeplessness adds to the problem. Can I benefit from taking multivitamins? If not, please tell me some other way to solve this problem.

A:My feeling is that generalised weakness is due to lower blood glucose levels. Just make a note, whether this weakness goes away after taking any meals. If yes, then meet a dietcian and get a chart of 1500 calorie diabetic diet with three plus three meal plan. This means that apart from taking three meals, you will have to take more food at short intervals. Regarding your chest pain, asymptomatic heart problems are common and you need TMT and cardiologist opinion. There is no harm in taking multivitamins but it hasn't been seen as providing great help, to most people. Remember vitamins will not give you extra strength. You also need to get a TSH done, cause such symptoms can be there in case of a concomitant thyroid disease.


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