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Why am I feeling heaviness after a tubectomy?

Q: I am 37 years old and had undergone laparoscopic tubectomy. After 15 days of the operation, I joined work and I am feeling a bit of heaviness in my uterus. Is it normal? When should I start exercises and what type of exercises should I do?

A:I guess you have an examination before joining work, and the gynaecologist has ensured you are physically fit. Please note that if you do not get menses within 30 days of the operation (which is usually performed soon after the menses), you must get yourself examined and tested to rule out a pregnancy. This is due to failure of tubectomy or wrong timing of the operation that resulted in a continuation of an already existent very early intrauterine pregnancy. If your doctor has examined and declared you physically fit to join work, then you can do normal work (not very strenuous). Avoid vaginal intercourse for atleast 1 month after surgery.


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