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Why am I experiencing pain in testicles?

Q: I am a 25 years old male who has started experiencing pain in the bottom of my right testicle and swelling since 15 months. I consulted a doctor and an ultrasound was done. One doctor told me that there is minor infection in Epididymis. He prescribed medicines for 15 days and told me that it was due to anxiety. Then I consulted another doctor who also did an ultrasound and told me that everything was fine. He told me that my right testicle is bigger in size and mainly hangs down as compared to other one. After 9 months I again visited the doctor who gave medicines for two months. Now, I am taking medicine XET CR and Etizolam as he said that this is due to chemical imbalance in my brain. I am not able to concentrate on anything and always think about whether there is pain or not. I always touch right testicle & push it upwards so that right and left are at the same level. I always feel alone and think of the pain. Why am I experiencing pain in my testicle?

A:According to your detail description, it seems that your right testis pain may be related to anxiety. You have visited many physicians who have examined you and did ultrasound of testis at least twice. I hope that an urologist has also seen and examined you. If no abnormality is found then it may be useful that you should try some relaxation technique like yoga etc. to reduce your anxiety and stress. Your physician should decide about giving you medications to relieve anxiety specially because it helped you in the past.


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