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Which is the best health insurance policy for a couple?

Q: What is the meaning of group policy? What are the criterias for this policy? Which is the best mediclaim policy for a husband and wife?

A:A group policy is extended to a pre defined group viz. and employer - employee group, a group of people who have come together for a common purpose , other than for the sole purpose of taking a health insurance policy. Typically this group size ranges from 100 and above. Group polices can be tailor made to the requirement of the group and can include features which are generally not otherwise offered in health insurance viz. Maternity cover, pre existing disease cover, baby coverage right from birth etc. The best policy for a couple depends on your need for benefit features and the ability to pay insurance premiums. The greater the benefit features required, higher are the premiums. Also the benefit features vary from insurer to insurer viz some of the policies include hospitalisation allowance, critical illness cover etc. along with a cover for hospitalisation expenses. Please consult your agent for the same. Personally I would be ok with a Mediclaim policy too.


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