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Which is the best drug for treating seizures?

Q: My nephew had a seizure last month for the first time. He was prescribed a medicine called Torvate 500 mg twice daily, containing Sodium Valproate. On a second opinion, the doctor suggested Zen R 300 mg twice daily, containing Carbamazepine Extended Release. On a third opinion, the doctor suggested Trioptal 300 mg twice daily, containing Oxcarbazepine. Each doctor was shown the prescription given by the previous doctor. We are totally confused as each doctor said that the medicine prescribed by him is the best. Please help us by stating, which will be the best drug for him and how long does he have to continue the medicine?

A:I would like to inform you that all the different drugs you have mentioned, Sodium Valproate, Carbamazepine - extended release and Oxcarbazepine are effective for the condition your son has. However, there are specific reasons, depending upon examination of the patient, for prescribing either one or the other. Again, in the same patient one drug could be used for a period and the doctor may then change to another drug. For example the doctor could start the medication with oxycarbamazepine and change doses or go on to another drug. It would be best if you choose one doctor in whom you have confidence and remain with him.


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