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Which exercise should I do after a shoulder injury?

Q: What exercises should I do after a shoulder injury?

A:It really depends on what kind of an injury you have had, how old the injury is, what is the treatment you have taken and what is your present goal. I guess from whatever you would answer, the most important aspect to prevent further injury/damage along with strengthening the area around it. Some basic rules might help you begin: Firstly start very slowly so that the shoulder gets accustomed to the new movements. So you should actually build up your exercises over a period of about 1 month. What you could do in this month is perhaps follow this routine: Shoulder press without any weights but more repetitions of about firstly 5 the first week, then 10 the next week and then about 15 the week after till you can do 20 comfortably. Then you can start by light weights but very few repetitions and build up. If you are comfortable, you can slowly add military presses in one month and then lateral and frontal raises in the next. What you need to be aware of is stopping or reducing or changing the exercise if you ever feel discomfort or pain.


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