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Why does my right testicle pain?

Q: I am a 26 years old male. I had a minor accident six months back, which injured my right testicle. I went to a doctor after two months and he recommended a urine test and an ultrasound. The urine test report was normal but ultrasound showed little infection on my testis and epididymitis. The doctor asked me to have Oflox-400 for 10 days and after that I had my ultrasound done again, which was absolutely normal. But now, I feel pain in my right testicle at times. I also experience a little irritation on the top of my both testis. I wear a supporter daily.

A:You apparently had trauma or infection resulting in swelling and pain in your testicle. Although inflammation settles quickly, swelling takes a long time, even up to months, to become normal. If your testis has become anatomically normal, you do not have much to worry. If the swelling or nodularity has persisted, you must see the physician again to exclude chronic causes of inflammation like tubercular epididymitis.


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