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Which drug is best for fever for my child?

Q: My son is 4.5 years old and his weight is 16 kg. He gets fever quite frequently almost every 2-3 months. The doctor usually gives Cemafaxin tab BD with PCM 7.5 ml SOS or at four hours gap. We give PCM after crossing 100 degree temperature but we had seen that paracetamol does not bring his temperature down and within two hours his temperature rises to 101 or more. Once his temperature has gone to 106 when he was 2.5 months old and he was hospitalised for three days without any diagnosis. The doctor advised us to give 5 ml Nimulid in between the PCM doses if the temperature does not come down with it. Is it safe to give both the medicines side by side and which is the safe medicine between the two?

A:You should try to give crocin in proper doses which is 15 mg/kg per dose. Weight of your son is 16 kg and he should receive 240 mg of crocin which is 10 ml. Try this and avoid Nimulid as far as possible, unless the fever is so high that it is not coming down. Also, you should get him investigated, especially for the urine examination to find out why he is having recurrent fever.


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