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Where can I get Myrin P at a cheaper price?

Q: My father has been diagnosed with bone tuberculosis. I would like to know where I can get the medicine Myrin P, which has to be consumed daily before breakfast. And, since it is very expensive, it would really help if someone could advise me on where to get the same genuine medicine at a cheaper rate.

A:There is no difference in the treatment regimen of bone and pulmonary tuberculosis. Myrin P is NOT the name of the medicine but a brand name given to a multi-component product that contains four medicines: isoniazid 60 mg, rifampicin 120 mg, pyrizinamide 200 mg and ethambutol 225 mg. It does not matter whether a patient takes these four medicines individually or in the form of a multi-component pack. The effect remains the same. The only advantage is that patient does not forget to take one or the other medicine when all the medicines are in one pack. The patient should take isoniazid 300 mg, rifampicin 450 mg, pyrizinamide 1500 mg and ethambutol 800 mg daily. It is advisable to take vitamin B-6 10 mg daily to prevent side effects. All these medicines are quite inexpensive.


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