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When will the tear in frenulum heal?

Q: I am a 21 years old man who had tear in the frenulum during masturbation. The skin has joined itself but not on the tip of penis but somewhere else. Earlier I had no problems in retracting my foreskin during erection and masturbating. But now I feel pain when I pull my skin during erection due to that joint. I can masturbate but feel pain. I consulted a doctor who told me that it would naturally heal. Now, how will I come to know that it has healed completely? When can I resume masturbation?

A:Frenular tears are not uncommon following intercourse or masturbation. Penile skin tears take time to heal since the skin is loose. It is not unusual for healing to take up to 3 weeks before sexual activity may be resumed. If you find it difficult to retract you foreskin back over the glands after tumescence, you must see your doctor who may decide to perform a circumcision. A tight foreskin may cause emergency by retracting back and not getting in normal position due to swelling of the front part, causing a painful condition known as paraphimosis.


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