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When will my father's vision become normal after surgery?

Q: Ten days back my father suddenly lost vision in his left eye. When we consulted the doctors, they said that he had suffered a retinal detachment as a result of the cataract operation he underwent two years back. They advised him to undergo a surgery immediately. We consulted the doctor who had conducted the cataract operation, and he advised us to go to a retina specialist. We consulted a retina specialist, who also advised him to undergo surgery. He said it would take 3-6 months for normal vision to restore. He also said that there is some tear in the right eye, which will need a minor surgery. The surgery was done a week back. What are the precautions that he needs to take now? How much time will it take for his vision to be normal?

A:What you have done is the right thing. Retinal detachment is due to a hole or a tear or a break in the retina. It may not have anything to do with the cataract surgery. The fluid in the vitreous cavity seeps through this hole and detaches the retina, which is the inner most layer of the wall of the eye. There are two kinds of surgeries, one is the Scleral buckling with Cryopexy and the other is Pars plana Vitrectomy. If the macula is detached, the vision recovery is slower and can be incomplete. The earlier the surgery is done, better are the results and also the complications that can occur later viz. epiretinal membrane formation and tractional detachment will be less intense. The vision will be substantially better soon after the surgery, and you can expect improvement within six months, provided the retina is fully attached with the surgery. Monitor the (eye pressure) IOP, as it can increase after the surgery with steroids. If the other eye has a retinal hole, that also needs laser treatment. Let me wish your father a speedy recovery!


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