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When will I recover from vivax-induced malaria?

Q: I am a 23 years old female recovering from a severe bout of vivax-induced malaria, which brought down my platelet count to 50,000. I have since been on Larinate - 200 kit, which has Artesunate and Sulphadoxine. I have been asked to take Artesunate for 15 days at least. Due to the drugs I took for malaria, I have developed hepatitis as shown by a Liver Function Test, which shows a significant increase in the levels of SGPT, SGOT, A/G, Direct Bilirubin, GGT. The Globulin count is below normal range. Can you please advise me on how long it will take approximately for my liver to be completely back to normal if I reasonably follow the severe dietary restrictions?

A:The increase in the liver enzymes may be part of severe vivax malaria itself since you had a fairly severe bout with significant fall in platelets. You would also need a course of primaquin later on after checking your G6PD levels for radical cure to prevent a relapse. Liver enzymes can take 1-3 months to settle. You do not have to be on a very strict diet. We normally advise to refrain from deep fried, non veg or chinese food containg MSD. Otherwise home cooked food is absolutely alright to consume-take vegetables and fruits as you desire. You do not necessarily need to be on boiled food. Monitor your LFT.


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