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When do the pupils return to their normal size after dilation?

Q: My daughter had her eyes dilated 2 days ago for a routine eye exam. Since then, her pupils have not returned to their normal size as expected. Her eyes were re-examined and the optometrist said that the lens and the iris are very close to each other in both the eyes (almost touching or may be touching). We are asked to wait for another 3-4 days in hope that her pupils will be normal again. I am extremely worried because I am suspecting that there is something wrong. Should I be worried? What would be the next course of action if the lens gets stuck to the iris?

A:The pupils sometimes may not come back to normal size immediately after dilatation drops. Also, the effect of the drops depends on the eye drop used to dilate the pupils. In a normal individual, the iris does not get stuck to the lens on dilation, therefore you just need to wait it out and show the eyes to an ophthalmologist, if the dilatation persists.


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