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What would be the right treatment to manage diabetes?

Q: My 50 years old wife is suffering from diabetes for the last 14 years. She was taking Glucored Forte and Glyciphage tablets morning and night. Her fasting blood sugar is 200 mg/dl and PP is 250 mg/dl. We consulted a doctor, who prescribed Triglycomet one tablet in the morning and at night. After taking the prescribed medicines her blood sugar level was under control but she started facing problems like tiredness. We again met the doctor, who changed the medicine to Glycomet GP 2 thrice a day. After taking this medicine, she started having acidity problems and diarrhoea. What would be the right treatment to manage diabetes?

A:Most of the medication you are taking is combination of metformin and glimiperide. Metformin can cause diarrhoea. But your earlier tablets did include metformin. You can take metformin sr 500 mg twice a day and GP 4 mg which is its max dose sometime you can increase up to 6 mg but all with breakfast. In case still have diarrhoea reduce metformin SR with dinner only beware of hypoglycaemia or low sugars. Low sugar can cause weakness palpitation sweating and hungry. You should get Hba1 c done which give three months control. In case sugar still high may consider additional tablets like januvia or may need insulin


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