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What was the reason for my miscarriage?

Q: I did a home pregnancy test after one week of my missed period and it came positive. In the 5th week, the doctor did an ultrasound and told me that its too early to know the pregnancy. After one week she did a sonar and told me that the size of the baby is very small. She asked me to visit again after 3 weeks. After that she did a sonar and saw a dark spot. On the next day of sonar, I felt a black red spot. I went to work but started bleeding later in the day. After an hour, I saw a 2 inch, white piece on my pad. If it was the baby then why didn't it come in the first sonar and appeared so small in second sonar. Or was it something else? I have 3 & half years old baby girl. Before her birth, I had 3 miscarriages. What was the white transparent skin that come out?

A:From what you have written the possibility of a spontaneous abortion cannot be ruled out. A fresh ultrasound examination may give a proper diagnosis. But from what you have explained I am afraid it may be a miscarriage, each pregnancy is new and it does not have anything to do with previous abortion. As you may be aware early abortion happen only because the conceptous is abnormal and it is best that it aborts rather than an abnormal baby being born. This natures way of excluding abnormal babies. Any baby which is not designed to live 70 years or so on this planet will not be kept for nine months in the womb. This is basic Darwinism. You do not have to worry either way. Please get a fresh ultrasound done and get a proper diagnosis. Even if you have another abortion I do not think you have much to worry. You already have a healthy child and that should prove that there is nothing wrong with you or your husband. If there is any thing wrong it is with the fetus itself. No amount or treatment will keep an abnormal pregnancy in the womb. Please see your doctor tomorrow and let us know what she / he says.


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