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What type of lotion helps minimise itching on the body?

Q: My 32 years old wife is into her 31st week of pregnancy. For the last one month, she has developed the problem of itching on her body especially around her stomach and underarms and sometimes red rashes appear too. We have visited the doctor thrice during the last one month. The doctor has stopped iron and calcium tablets and said that these rashes are due to stretching of skin and advised few blood tests. She underwent all the asked tests, which showed haemoglobin - 10.3, HCT - 32.7, MCV – 79 and MCH - 25.1. After reviewing the reports she told us to start iron capsules Orofer XT once a day, but after taking prescribed iron capsules, the rashes on her body increased. What type of body lotion should be applied to stop or minimise itching on the body?

A:She may be suffering from a fungal infection and needs to be seen by a dermatologist. She would also need to be checked for diabetes and liver function tests. If it is not a fungal infection, it could be a minor liver disorder, which is common in pregnancy. The treatment is with antihistaminic tablets like avil one at night, a calamine cream or lotion and if fungal, a clotrimazole cream with tablets of Nystatin. These need a doctor’s prescription. It should clear up in 10-15 days.


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