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What to do with a fractured finger?

Q: While playing, the middle finger of my right hand struck the wall vertically and the impact came on the finger nail, which lead to the bending of the finger backwards. I had pain and swelling exactly at the central joint of the finger but I neglected it. The pain and swelling still persist after a month. I had the X-ray done after 45 days of the accident the doctor says that there is no major problem. I can bend my finger and circulate it as well but I cannot take any weight on it. Will this cause any problem in the future?

A:Axial loading injury of the finger can be quite troublesome. Often a fracture heals well without any residual problem. However, from your description it seems to be a ligamentous injury of the interphalangial joint of the finger. These are very difficult to treat and some times takes up to six months (or longer) of intensive occupational therapy. I would recommend you get in touch with a hand surgeon in your area before you decide on anything.


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