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What time gap should be given between two cataract surgeries?

Q: I am 68 years old woman scheduled to undergo cataract surgerybut am a bit confused due to different opinions being given by the doctors and friends. The doctor says that I need to avoid watching TV, reading, cooking and going out only for a day following surgery while others say that I have to avoid these things for a week to 10 days. How long do I need to avoid these things? Apparently there is a cataract forming in my second eye too. Mostly people say that one should get both eyes operated within a fortnight or month of the first operation. How much time should be given between the two surgeries?

A:As there are many techniques of doing cataract surgery, it is best to follow instructions given by your doctor, as he would have a vested and best interest of protecting your eyes, and yet give the best to you. Today’s modern surgery is compatible with immediate rehabilitation. I also permit patients to go back to their normal life on the next day. They could even have head bath and face wash. They can drive and be active in their office. The other eye can be done as early as next day. There are several surgeons who do both eye cataract surgeries simultaneously.


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