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What sweeteners can my 10-year-old daughter consume?

Q: My daughter aged 10 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2 years ago. Her doctor had recommended her to use crystalline fructose whenever she felt like using sugar in her juice on condition that not more than 5 teaspoons should be used. Can you tell me whether the usage of crystalline fructose (japtose) is safe for her as I recently read that fructose can harm the liver? Please do tell me what are the other sweeteners that I can use for my daughter?

A:Taking small quantities of fructose is not bad. Fructose raises blood glucose more slowly and is more palatable than other artificial sweeteners. Only side effect is that it may raise the blood lipids. Other artificial sweeteners approved are : Sacchrine, Aspartame and Socrolase. They can be used safely.


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