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What steps can I take to keep my diabetes under control?

Q: I am a diabetic patient and under medication which controls my blood sugar level at 10 mmols when checked at random. Last week a urine test indicated that there is sugar in urine as well. The report said urine sugar +++. Please help me to overcome this.

A:For good control of diabetes, you will need to take action on several fronts, not just get random sugars done. 1. Make sure you are exercising (e.g. walking) regularly. Regular exercise is essential for everyone, but more so for diabetics. 2. Make sure your diet is appropriate: preferably in the form of a 3-meal-3 snack regimen, with plenty of fiber (fruits, salads, whole daals), moderate protein and fat, moderate salt and sugar, plenty of water. 3. Maintain your weight and BP as close to normal as possible. 4. Get glycosylated hemoglobin tested every 4-5 months: this is what gives an idea of overall diabetes control. 5. Test blood sugars (fasting and post breakfast) systematically, at least 1-2 a month, and keep track of the values. Everyones blood sugar fluctuates very frequently, and random sugars may miss higher levels which would then cause sugar to spill in the urine. 6. Make sure your blood lipid levels are tested at least once a year, and maintained in the normal range. 7. Make sure your retina, kidney function, ECG and peripheral nerves are tested at least once a year.


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