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What should I do to strengthen my wrist bones?

Q: My wrists are very thin. I am 17 years old; what should I do to strengthen and improve my wrist bones?

A:The muscles of the wrist are exercised synergically when the fingers are used. For example, in gripping, the wrist extensors act synergically. Exercises and simple occupations for the fingers should always be used in association with specific wrist exercises. You can try the following exercises: Wrist extensors: Strengthening exercises Elementary Sitting, palms downwards, lax fingers and wrists, single or double wrist extension. As exercise 1, but with finger extension. Intermediate 1. Standing, palm backwards, and stick held obliquely forward with distal end resting on floor. Grasp the shaft some distance from proximal end; single wrist extension. 2. Standing, palms downward, hold stick crosswise; do wrist extension. Advanced 1. As exercise 1 of intermediate, but the hand grasps the stick close to the proximal end. Wrist flexors and extensors: Strengthening exercises Elementary 1. Sitting (forearms and hands supported on table, palms facing inwards and fingers lax); single or double wrist flexion and extension, and return to starting position. 2. Sitting or standing (palms downwards, lax fingers and wrists); alternate wrist flexion and extension with a shaking motion. 3. Standing or sitting (fingers interlocked, with elbows flexed and arms to sides); alternate wrist flexion and extension. Wrist circumductors: Strengthening exercises 1. Standing – hold dumbbells, single elbow bending to 90°, swing the dumbbell in an outward or inward direction. 2. Standing – hold the dumbbell in hand, swing one arm forward and circle the dumbbell. Exercises to strengthen the grip: 1. Sitting, squeezing the rubber ball. 2. Sitting, rolling up a paper into a tight ball in the palm of the hand without the assistance from the free hand. 3. As above with crepe bandage. 4. Making Os (touching the tip of each finger in turn with the tip of the thumb). 5. Sitting, single or double thumb circling. Hope these exercises help you.


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