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What should I do to save my marriage?

Q: I am a 27 years old male, married for the last three months. My wife is not at all interested to have a sexual relationship with me citing varied reasons like it is a sin, she hurts a lot, she is scared to get pregnant, etc in spite of me using the best condoms available in the market. She now stays in a hostel where she used to before getting married to me. Sometimes, I feel she is homosexual, as she likes the company of girls only. Once she fought with me so badly and hit me so hard that I started bleeding. For the past one month, I have no communication with my wife. What should I do to save my marriage?

A:There seem to be several layers of problems. Also, since the level of distress you are experiencing is so high, it is better that you seek help professionally. Please do not ignore the problem, as it will only get more complicated with time. You need to consult a mental health professional who needs to assess your wife and you both and suggest a way forward. Issues like these can be resolved but usually only thought counselling. I would urge you to get help right away.


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