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What should I do for my high risk pregnancy?

Q: I had to terminate my first pregnancy in 11th week last year because the baby was suffering from anencephaly condition. Now I am pregnant again and it's my 12th week. I had a 3D scanning in my 11th week and the report was quite normal. I am taking 5 mg folic acid everyday. Am I still carrying a high risk pregnancy? I also had a laparoscopic surgery 2 months ago. At that time I conceived but didn't know about it. The doctor says that everything is fine. Please advise.

A:The term High Risk Pregnancy is a technical term used by doctors to categorise the kind of care that a patient requires in pregnancy. It includes tests and check ups that are additionally done compared to those used in low risk pregnancies, to ensure a happy outcome. It does not imply that there is anything wrong with this pregnancy. It just reminds the doctor and the medical team that you need extra special care. Once additional blood tests and ultrasound scans are done from now up to the 5th month and are normal, you will be reclassified as a Precious Pregnancy. A good 3D ultrasound scan between 11-14 weeks is adequate to exclude anencephaly. A follow up scan is required at 18-20 weeks to exclude other structural abnormalities. The absence of risk from anaesthesia during laparoscopy has already been confirmed by your doctor. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.


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