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What should I do for a successful pregnancy?

Q: I am a 29 years old woman who got pregnant last year and in the 10th week of my pregnancy an ultrasound was done. The report stated that a twin gestation sac had formed with one of the sacs empty while the other sac was carrying a baby with no sign of heart beat to indicate presence of life in the baby. The baby seemed to have developed up to 9.3 weeks (the doctor's view). As automatic miscarriage did not take place, dilation and curettage (D&C) was carried out in the hospital. As per the doctor's advice, TORCH test was done subsequently. The report was normal and some past infection was detected as well. During pregnancy the following tests were carried out - blood test for sugar, haemoglobin, etc. and all were within the normal range. VDRL and HIV (I & II) were done; results were negative and urine test for any infection – negative. Then after almost a year I am pregnant again (54 days from last period). But my recent ultrasound report seems to be a replica of the earlier report. This time the ultrasound report taken a tad earlier was not clear enough. Though twin gestation sac is visible and one sac is empty but the presence of life in one of the sacs could not be traced. The doctor has advised us to wait for 7 more days and then redo the ultrasound before proceeding for any further action. In between, I am taking Hucog 5000 injection, Miprogen and MCBM. The medicines were started from the first day of positive test for pregnancy i.e. 9th day of missing the monthly period. Please advise.

A:The advice and the medication is correct - you need to be very patient and wait for even up to 2 weeks if necessary or even more to recheck the scan. Fetal heart activity is visible on abdominal scan after 7 weeks of pregnancy and by trans-vaginal scan after 5 weeks. Sac with fetal pole can be seen earlier. With very good scanners and expertise in Doppler - the heart activity can be picked up earlier. You have nothing to lose by waiting to be sure there is a viable pregnancy.

Meanwhile you need to restrict heavy work, stress, coitus and take good high protein diet.


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