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What should be done for autoimmune thyroid disease?

Q: Some time back, ultrasensitive TSH was found to be 8.34 in my blood test report. The doctor prescribed 12.5 Thyronorm to be taken every day. A blood test was again done and following was found: FT3 - 3.36, FT4 - 0.78, Ultrasensitive TSH - 5.58, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (Anti TPO) - 6046 IU/ml and Anti Thyroglobulin Ab (Anti TG) - 35397.20 IU/ml. The above indicated that though my thyroid gland was functioning properly, a large number of antibodies are being produced against it. Could you please suggest some treatment for this condition so that my thyroid gland can be protected against the antibodies. The doctor said that nothing can be done.

A:As per the information you have provided your diagnosis is autoimmune thyroid disease. The natural history of disease is that patients who have large titres of antibodies have a progressive decline in thyroid function and need thyroxine supplement. These antibodies are specific to thyroid gland and do not cause any harm to other tissues in the body. As of today we do not have treatment which can suppress these antibodies. But do not worry this is a simpler disease and continue with Thyroxine 25/d and get your repeat TSH only after three months. If normal continue same and get TSH done every year to adjust the dose.


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