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What precautions should I take after lower segment caesarean section?

Q: I am a 27 years old woman who had an emergency lower segment caesarean section (LSCS) last month because my baby’s head was engaged but in occiput posterior (OP) position and the baby developed fetal distress. My healing is quite fine now. My weight was 49 kg 32 days after delivery and my height is 153 cm. My baby boy’s weight is 3.02 kg. When can I have sex after LSCS? When can I plan for my next child? What is the limitation of weight that I can carry?

A:You need to be examined by the gynaecologist 6 weeks after the delivery to ensure everything is healing well. If recovery is satisfactory, it is best to defer sex till at least 8 weeks after delivery. Reason - tissues are fragile and you may get infected easily or sustain a tear easily. Also, you may not be in a mental frame of mind to have sex.

Depending upon the events during surgery (there may have been some problems), you should plan the second baby - certainly not before 2 years, so that you regain you health and the 1st baby is sufficiently grown to require less attention (especially no more breast feeding) from you.

We advise not to lift heavy weights for at least 3 months after CS (max weight allowed is 3- 4 Kg- probable weight of a healthy new born).


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