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What precautions do I need for rapid weight gain during pregnancy?

Q: I am 26 years old and I weighed 65 kg before pregnancy. My weight was 84 kg in the beginning of ninth month. The weight gain was normal at 75 kg up to the 7th month. After that it remained at 80 kg in the 8th month. The amniotic fluid was low i.e. oligohydramios in the 8th month. After taking dextrose IV, 3 times on alternate days, the weight increased by 4 kg. I am taking vitamin and iron tablets regularly as suggested by the doctor as it seems to be a case of PCOD. I have a hormonal problem. Is the weight gain normal in my case? I have been advised to undergo an ultrasound (the third time in 20 days). I had swelling on the legs and arms in the 8th month but it reduced later. My blood pressure is normal at around 110-120/70-80. The baby is in head down position now and it changed from breech position in 34th week. What precautions do I need to take for my weight and in general?

A:It appears that you have gained significant weight in this pregnancy. I would recommend following your doctor's advise on ultrasounds to monitor the oligohydramnios and your blood pressures. In general, eating many fruits, vegetables, proteins and avoiding fried foods and sweets will keep your weight under control. Also avoid excess salt. It makes you retain fluid. Please keep up with your blood pressure checks. Any significant rise in the blood pressure in conjunction with your rapid weight gain may point to-wards pre-eclampsia. Unless rest is recommended by your gynaecologist, I will suggest some walking to keep the weight down; it may also help with easier delivery. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and milk to maintain hydration.


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