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What milk should I give my baby?

Q: My 2 months old son is taking toned milk (boiled, cream removed and with 2 grains of sugar), for the last two and a half months as a supplement, as milk produced by me is not sufficient. The paediatrician from the hospital where he was born suggested toned milk. Another paediatrician showed strong reservations about giving him toned milk and prescribed only lactogen 1 to him and declined toned milk. However, our previous paediatrician still claims that there is no harm in giving toned milk. I am confused. What milk should I give as a supplement to the baby? For the past one month, he has been suffering from continuous cold and is still on medication for cold, cough and loose motions. Please advise.

A:The biggest mistake has already been committed. There was no need to give supplements. The best milk for the baby is mother's milk. You have not stated the exact reason, but unless specifically contraindicated, there is no such thing as not enough milk. The more a baby is put to the breast, the more and the most appropriate milk for the baby is produced by the mother. I suggest going back to the mother's breast exclusively till the baby is six months old as the best choice. The second best choice, if it has to be given, is any supplemental feed powder. The caution to be observed is that it is to be made exactly as per the directions on the pack, not over or under diluted. Both are harmful. The preparation must be in pre-boiled and cooled water. As the toned milk concentration in our country would tend to vary with multiple factors, the top feeds otherwise with consistencies that can be maintained, would be preferable. However, for the first six months of life, only mother’s milk is the best.


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