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What kind of fruits and vegetables are beneficial in a child with acute bronchitis?

Q: My 6-year-old grand daughter had acute bronchitis when she was 2 years old due to which she had to be hospitalised for a day. In addition to oral medication, she was put under nebulisation of Asthalin and 5 mg Nebasulf. She used to have similar attacks after that and we used to give the same nebuliser, after which she became alright. She has hardly got this attack once in six months in the last two years. She is slightly obese and weighs 24 kg. The doctor says that she is 4 kg above normal. Her mother is also obese. She is very active and goes for a walk for 40 minutes, she also participates in many physical activities. She has cut down on fried and junk food and likes boiled vegetables. I want to cultivate the habit of eating fruits in her. My daughter's friends advised that she should not give citrus fruits, fresh grapes, pineapple etc. whereas I feel she should take all fruits as much as she likes. Please advise.

A:A six-year-old should be eating normal home cooked food with a healthy intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is actually nothing that she should not eat. You are very right in curbing the intake of fried and junk foods. It shall help the child develop healthy eating habits if such a diet is adapted by the entire family.


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