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What kind of a gynaecological problem does my mother have?

Q: My mother is 52 years old and was having frequent periods which were lasting for a long time and were making her anaemic since a year now. The doctors thought it was related to menopause so they didn't see it otherwise. Now she says she feels her uterus has been inverted. She consulted a doctor who asked her to take rest and also to sneeze so that it goes back or else they will take it out in a month or two. The doctor didn't do any other physical examination. Can you tell me what to do now? I know I have to take her to another doctor but what tests should be done and how long can one wait before actually going for the operation and can the operation be avoided altogether?

A:Pelvic USG needs to be done to rule out any pelvic pathology. An inverted uterus is an emergency problem which has to be dealt with immediately. I think it is a prolapse uterus, or could be a polyp or cervical problem, so please get her examined and let me know.


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