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What is wrong with my vision?

Q: I am 22 years old and around 2 years back, I had a Zyoptix operation. Earlier to the operation I was having a power of -11.0 spherical and -1.0 cylindrical in both the eyes. However, at the time of the operation it was found that my left eye had the best-corrected vision of 6/9 and 6/6 for the right eye with correct glasses. After the operation, I used to wear glasses with a power of -0.5 and -0.75 in the right and the left eye respectively. Still the vision is 6/9 in the left eye. The doctor who operated my eyes says that this is a permanent loss and cannot be reverted. Is it so? If no what is the treatment and if yes, can I know the reason and guidelines, which can help eliminate chances of any further damage?

A:Zyoptics is a brand of Lasik machine, like Maruti is a brand of cars. It is not a type of treatment - and has no advantages over other Lasik machines. The health of your eyes do not improve, and hence it is expected that your vision will be similar to what you had with contact lenses (may be slightly better than glasses, due to image magnification) after Lasik. Please follow up with a retinal specialist periodically for progression in retinal degeneration. Check your IOP, corrected to your thinner corneas. If possible get a Pentacam done, and preserve the data. In case you have your myopia return, as you had high powers before, this data will be extremely useful. Pentacam also tells whether you have a higher amount of higher order (HO) aberrations, which may be one of the reason for your blurring.


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