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What is wrong with my eyes?

Q: An insect touched the inside of my eye, which resulted in swelling, redness and watering. After 7-8 days of treatment with Ketlur plus and Dudrop, redness and watering got cured. The problem now is that I am having a blurred vision, and a fluorescein stain test has come positive. What should be done to regain my clear vision? How long will it take and what are the potential dangers associated with it?

A:It seems your cornea has a viral infection (herpetic keratitis) and you may have developed a corneal scar which is causing you a blurred vision. If the ulcer is still active, you need proper treatment otherwise this scar will never clear and depending on its position vision may remain affected. This may get slightly better in time but after every attack of common cold or fever this may keep recurring. Keep your general health fit as well!


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