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What is wrong with my child's right eye?

Q: My daughter had blurred distant vision in her right eye. The consultant advised corrective glasses with a -1.00 power (spherical). He says that the right eye is a bit elongated hence the image is forming ahead of retina. Kindly inform what is the reason for this condition and can this be cured? The consultant has also written that the vision in the right eye is 6/6. What does it mean?

A:Your daughter has a very common refractive error, which is called myopia or short sightedness. As she is growing, the eyes are also growing. This leads to increase in the length of the eye and may sometimes lead to a glass power to focus the images she sees on the retina, or the film of the eye. With this lens the image is crystal clear and that is recorded as 6/6 or normal vision. She has the option of wearing a glass or a contact lens and after the age of 21 years she can consider Lasik surgery to get rid of glasses.


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