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What is wrong with my child's eyes?

Q: My daughter is 8 years old. Recently we had taken her for an eye check up and were told that she has been having abnormality in the eyes since birth. We have been told it is a cylindrical abnormality & has been prescribed glasses of Right - SPH -.50 & +2.25 Cylindrical, Axis 90. Left - SPH + 0.25 & +2.75 Cylindrical, Axis 90. It is concerning us, as she is an ardent sports person and a dancer. Is there a way to normalise vision (removal of glasses) by way of exercises etc?

A:This cylindrical defect is called ASTIGMATISM and is due to oval shape of her eyes. This is not a disease. Wearing glasses does not make the eyes better or not wearing worse, it simply improves the vision when she wears it and relieves the eye strain. Her defect is small and if she sees reasonably well, enough to pursue her sports and dancing career, she does not have to wear glasses all the time, just for reading, close work computer etc. If she does not wear glasses when she needs to use her eyes, she may get headaches and slightly blurred vision. When she grows up a little she can wear contact lenses to put in and take out everyday and after usually 18 years of age she could have laser surgery to correct this defect to avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses. This operation itself is not free from risks.


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