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What is viral exanthema?

Q: My 1.5 years old son has rashes on his body. They are more prominent on his legs (especially thighs) hands and part of the tummy. The paediatrician earlier diagnosed it as an insect bite but a few days later, we realised that it was spreading to other parts of the body too. We later consulted a dermatologist, who diagnosed it as a Viral Exanthema. He has been prescribed Cetzine syrup on a SOS basis and Efaderm cream to be applied on the rashes. It itches a lot as my son scratches the area when awake and sometimes wakes up from sleep to do so. May I kindly request you to let me know the reason for such rashes, as to how they could be avoided in the future, any other suggestions are welcome. Will a change of soap/powder or avoiding them altogether help? I am a working mother and my son stays at my in-laws place during the day. When he sleeps during the day, my in-law prefers to have him in the living room. As such he sleeps in front of the TV in the hall while it is switched on for others to watch. My concern is, will being exposed to TV radiations harm him?

A:As a mother of your 1.5 year old son, you are panicky about your child problem of rashes. Rashes in children are mostly viral in origin especially in the age group your child is. Viral rashes usually remit in 1-2 weeks and are associated with irritation in eyes and running nose. Insect bite rashes usually do not come in this age group. If rashes are too itchy, then other possibility is the acute urticaria. Apply calamine lotion topically as frequently as warranted. In summer season, even ice cubes can give your baby relief. Instead of Cetzine syrup, give your child syrup Phenergan 1 tsp three times daily. With this, he will have good sleep. Generally urticaria problem remits on its own within 1-3 weeks. No investigations are required unless problem prolongs. Ideally, take consultation of a dermatologist to deal with the situation. TV radiations do not produce such problems. Your in-laws are best person to take care of your baby.


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