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What is the use and side effects of Cavenor?

Q: Please tell me about Cavenor (l-arginine + proanthocyanidins granules). Will it have any side effects? What is it used for?

A:l-arginine (laevo isomer of arginine) is an amino acid and is used as an ingredient in some dietary supplements. Clinically, it is indicated in the treatment of disorders that result in hyperammonaemia apart from being used as an acidifying agent. Sometimes it is also used to lower blood pressure. Its side effects include nausea, vomiting, headache, numbness, etc. I presume you are referring to proanthocyacidins (not proanthocyanidins). It is a naturally occurring compound from herbal source (blueberries). Its properties have not been scientifically evaluated by controlled clinical trials. It is being sold with unverified claims.


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