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What is the treatment for swelling in the lower eyelid?

Q: My 35-year-old husband has a swelling in one of his lower eyelids. He went to a doctor who prescribed him some medicine. But even after taking the medication for a month, the swelling, though diminished, still persists. The doctor has advised him to go for sugar tests, and the reports are normal. What could be the reason for this?

A:Swelling at this age in lower lid can be either infection, inflammatory or a tumour. If there is no pain, has lasted for a long time, and slowly growing, then your husband needs to be careful. Either way, it needs to be treated by an eye specialist, and if he advises a surgery, he should go through it. The eye specialist may ask for a biopsy, and that should give the final diagnosis. If it is a lid gland infection, called a Chalazion, it will be a simple surgery.


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